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Droneshots? Super

Slo-mo? We have it all and only deliver high quality videos.


Only experienced videographers work at Nordic Weddings to capture all your memories. 


We take care of planning your wedding video and bookings for our videographers. Just tell us where and when to be.


We deliver your wedding video as fast as possible so you can relive your special day. 



"We are there but not seen"

Our philosophy is to catch all the important moments of your special wedding day, but act mostly in the background. We want you to focus on each other and enjoy your wedding day without getting distracted by cameras surrounding you or take away the atmosphere of the moments you have with your loved ones. Of course, there will be situations where we have to get the right shot and need to be more present, but we try to limit these situations. Nothing should disturb your wedding day. Your style is important to us! We are happy to listen to your wishes and won’t force anything on you. The most important part is that you feel comfortable with us being there so you behave as naturally as possible. That is what we believe makes a great wedding video.

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Who are we?

We are are a collective of videographers that met during university and when working together at the same wedding. We all clicked really well and decided to start a wedding video company together. Originally, we were based in Germany but for various reasons like jobs or passion or even love, we all moved abroad but are still connected through the company and the passion to create wedding videos.

Our team is constantly growing and we only work together with skilled videographers that are passionated about creating emotional and engaging wedding videos that reflect the special day in each couples live in a true and honest way. 


We all like to travel and therefore offer our service around the world, if you want to have a destination wedding. Our focus used to be the north of Europe, hence the name Nordic Weddings. For us it doesn't really matter though where you want to get married, if it's in the north of Norway or the south of Spain, we are happy to create your unique and special wedding video. We all have a lot of experience in videography, so you can be sure to get a professional wedding video with all the best highlights from your special day.


Meet The Team



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Christopher Fey
Videographer & Editor 
Norway, Germany



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Mehmet Akdag

Videographer & Drone Operator



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Mina Wang-Andersen

Videographer  & Editor
Norway, France



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Mario Abadia

Videographer & Drone Operator



Destiantion Wedding Button

Since our team is very international and also covering a lot of different languages from German to English, Turkish or Spanish, we are happy to film your dream wedding abroad.

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